Why A Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Matters

Before going in details about helmets with a bluetooth communication system, I would like to spend the first two parts of the article to discuss about the importance of wearing a helmet. After that, we will spend the rest of the writing to explore why a bluetooth helmet is worth your money. In case you have already been familiar with the device, please follow this link to read more tips about how to find the best bluetooth helmet.

1/ Science Has Proven that Helmets Work

When you play any kind of sporty activities, in order to not get hurt, you should always wear protective gear and equipment as guided. There is no exception for motorcycling. All participants, passengers as well as riders, are advised to wear long pants, footwear that covers over the ankle, jacket with long sleeves, gloves covering the full length of your fingers and a standardized helmet whose technical features meet the requirements of the U.S Department of Transportation or DOT, in short. People are even discussing whether the government should make it a requirement by law.

Although some people are not happy with wearing a helmet, the effectiveness of helmets is scientifically proven. People who are against motorcycle helmet wearing argue that helmets will block your vision, impair hearing and even break your neck. However, this statement has never been confirmed. Helmets are not yet a compulsory equipment for motorcycling but riders who care about their own safety and the safety of others still choose to wear helmets. This is a responsible and sensible choice that should be encouraged.

2/ Why Helmets Are Beneficial for You

To begin with, helmets protect your head which is the most important part of the body. In a crash, when you fall down unwillingly, a helmet will make sure that your brain is okay, your face will not be destroyed and you can still have a chance to live a happy life after the accident. Some people deny to wear a helmet, arguing that “I just go to the grocery store which is 1 km away from my house”. This reason is so childish and irresponsible. You can’t control everything around you and can’t tell when an accident will happen. It just happens without you knowing when or what kind it will be. Without a proper helmet, you might get serious injure which can even totally destroy your life.

The second reason is that some helmet designs make you look cooler.  Although a helmet might make your pretty face hidden, a fashionable design does turn you into an attractive person.

Thirdly, helmets with proper design make your riding experience more enjoyable. Since it covers your entire head, you are no longer annoyed by those wind roaring by your ears. You don’t have to worry about sands or bugs flying into your eyes. How comfortable is that?

Finally, a motorcycle helmet will make you a grown-up and responsible person. Wearing a helmet means caring for your health. It also proves your respect to the motorcycling activity. You take riding seriously as a sport, not as a daily activity.

3/ Why You Should Have the Best Bluetooth Helmet

As widely known, Bluetooth devices are favored because they give you the freedom you want. The technology can actively search for and wirelessly connect to any communication devices nearby. As a result, it is a perfect match for busy people who are always on the go and doing multi-task activities. When the Bluetooth technology is included in a motorcycle helmet, it can bring many interesting benefits for riders.

The first and most impressive benefit is hands-free GPD navigation control. The Bluetooth helmet can connect to your phone or any Bluetooth-enable GPD devices to give you in-ear directions. You will no longer have to stop to study a map or ask people to show you the way. However, you should be also aware that the guiding voice might have your full attention and make it more difficult for you to notice other vehicles when riding in a crowded street.

Another interesting feature of this helmet type is that only with an iPod or a Bluetooth-capable MP3 player, you can hear digital music inside the helmet while riding. How cool is that?

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