How to Choose Golf Shoes Properly

Exercise is probably the most needed to raise and lower the handicap. The golfer with the level and status of various body will need different training methods to achieve his goals. Besides, the selection of the correct shoe size for your feet serving golf is also very important. Because if you wear tight or wide a little bit also will affect the competition process, the foot will be trauma, aches. Here we will guide you to choose the most suitable size with his feet.

A. About Material

– With leather, the advantage is durable, waterproof, but slightly hard and taking a time would stink because the permeability of air and escape the sweat less. Previously, some studios have launched many types of skin footwear products in golf and other sports, but generally leather golf shoes products are not favored, no one should buy this shoe styles become rare. There are now several have just produced a leather 2 in 1-medium is public institution both shoes golf shoes, but also as a variety of other leather golf shoes, all to mold on the price.

– With canvas, the advantage is soft, breathable and sweat good drainage, but not water-proof canvas shoes should also only suitable for indoor sports. We now have some type of cloth shoes in the golf, but is mainly used in the yard or driving range only.

– Material mainly do golf shoes now is synthetic leather. According to the principles of the most common synthetic leather to make shoes, golf has three layers. The outermost layer is waterproof paint (a waterproofing), the middle layer is a liner, usually made from cotton and the innermost layer in the form of a cloth mesh. The main purpose is to allow a quick sweat absorbent and exhaust when used.

B. About Shoe Sole

– Shoe sole golf so different compared to the other sports shoe type, usually consisting of three layers.The bottom is 7-9 nail. Nail the bottom of shoe sole work helps golfer when walking on grass or when setup will hold the balance, not slipped on the grass. This is very important while playing golf. Out of 7-9 nail, have 2-3 the allocation in the heel part, rest in the nose and soles. In addition, the nail is still allocated in the huge load of bear’s body during the swing. So if nails are dropped, the need to replace soon. Tips: if lost one in heels or soles of the feet, can get the nail in the nose shoes to replace temporary and should replace all if lost from 2 upwards. When swing, golfers are required to move the focus from the foot of the front legs and cornered about 90% of the body weight on the front legs at the finish, so the nail shoes help dispersion of gravity and help minimize the risk of injury in the heel, knee and hip joints. Currently there are two types of nail, the nail is still the most popular, but the recent soft nails have also appeared.

– The middle layer usually is made by plastic, not too soft and not too hard. Too soft will make your swing golfers are not the norm when contact ball, too hard will be leg pain when walking or mobility.

– The innermost layer is the lining this lining, thick or thin depends on the type of nails and the middle layer of the shoe. Most if the hard nail primers is often softer and thinner.

C. Styling And Coloring Techniques

– According to the survey of sports shoe maker, most human feet have two main forms: men are: loud and long. With females are mostly small, short and slender.

– About color, according to the survey, most women prefer a single color, fresh color as white or pink… the males prefer single or two color schemes of three color combinations.

– Technically, golf shoes now are on the production line semi-automatic or automatic should tech almost nothing different than other sports shoes. Shoe sole may cast body and stamping or nose shoes mainly sewn and glued.

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