Golf In New York-One of the Most Difficult Place to Play Golf

Golf was viewed as a test of life, because it is not simply a recreational game for world tycoon which also is intelligence game. So, playing golf is not easy. And the golf course with the famous difficulty really is a great challenge for the top professional golfers in the world. From the golf courses on the deep blue hill in New York to the vast lawn overlooking the ocean in California, the professional golfer has gone around the world to be challenging on the best golf courses.
  • The Golf Back – New York

     The Back yard is located in Bethpage State park in Farmingdale, New York is one of the best golf courses and famous for the difficulty level in the top of the golf world. Every hole golf here is a challenge for the player, such as hole 4 par 5 up to 3 levels high. The award of the 2002 and 2009 u.s. open ever was held here.
  • The Ocean Course In Kiawah Island, South Carolina, United States

– This is the golf tournament was the hardest rating is the ocean course designed by Pete Dye. Dye has built up a golf on the type too hard and cause inhibition for many golfers because of the difficulty of reaching the par score, not to mention birdies. He was given the nickname “The marquis de sod”.
– This golf almost 7200 metres. Rugged terrain with combination of multiple large sand dunes, many swamps, or the more challenging and dangerous sand pit too slippery making the best match can also be completely fails. You will not be able to find out where there are golf courses with unique designs like the Ocean Course. Also because the want to challenge the world’s top golfer should US PGA  championship is usually held here in august.
– Extreme pitch to the level when the ryder cup takes place in 1991, the famous game golfer Seve Ballesteros, at as Payne Stewart, Colin Montgomerie, Nick Faldo, and Fred Couples  have overcome the hole with a series of double faults evil ball bogey.
  • Carnoustie Golf Links In Dundee In Scotland

– Located on the north coast of aggressive, carnoustie was given a name is “carnasty”, meaning “eating meat”. In the 1999 open championship prize, this venue is hard to make Sergio Garcia collapse when not completing the hole last.
– Approximately 6800 metres, the golf tournament usually have to spend a lot of time because of the north sea coast there are always many wind blowing in.
– One of the most memorable moments was when the 1999 open was held here, Jean Van de Velde is leading with 3 sticks and you’re ready to advance to the championship to be shaking hands with the legendary famous Barry Burn. But do not understand what happened when Jean takes to 6 sticks to end the last hole and lost the following series of error play off with Paul Lawrie (Scottish golfer).
  • Ko’olau Golf Club in Oahu in Hawaii, United States

– Though not the second location the hardest golf ko’olau stadium but is really a monster. It was difficult to play 162 points but the USGA did not accept this and its difficulty level only on 155 points. But when officials arrived here to check out the stadium, they had to revise points, and hard points higher even tranche 162 points, the USGA has difficulty rating to 172 points.
– Because of the harsh terrain that this golf course has been renovated to become much more than (the current score of 152), but the golfer must still face the fairways that surrounds it is the tropical jungle in Hawaii, deep sand pit on 80. This is the challenge that any golfer would also concern.
  • Kingsbarns Golf Links, Scotland

– This is the most expensive golf courses on the Mainland of the United Kingdom. Right from the year 1793, kingsbarns golfing society golf association was founded, and the village of Kingsbarns has always been associated with the golf tournament.
– Located at the seaside, kingsbarns golf links promises to deliver an unforgettable experience for those who are passionate sport for aristocrats.
  • Royal Melbourne Golf Resort In Australia

– Kangaroo or koala is not the only icon in Australia. In fact, the royal golf course in Melbourne as the pinnacle that every golfers are dreaming of. The diverse experience and skill is obtained after the first round here is extremely enchanting.
– If the first 9 hole, you will face the wetlands in 9 holes later, with forest trees will be the real challenge for those who love the sport of golf.

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