Improve Your Golf Swing With Two Basic Steps

I believe that a beginner golfer must first realize that if he wants the shaft moves in a straight line when doing downswing, then first he must learn to move his right hand correctly, because his right hand will make the motion of the shaft in the downswing and allows it to move in a straight line. Although the rod moves in a straight line only important downswing (because when performing backswing unrelated to the ball), but I also had argued that it would be easier to achieve the goal if golfers including a provision symmetrical swing, it will allow him to swing in a straight line in the backswing and downswing both.

Some General Things of Two Step

When wielding sticks, set the right palms (born of the hand-in-hand consists of 3 main road, the top is mind, between the mind and is the bottom is born) onto the back of the left thumb – see the yellow area. This action links the two hands together so it can operate as a unified when doing the swing. This action also serve two other functions. Hand to push down on the thumb left to keep the left arm to stretch out the process of power transfer swing was created when turning from the right side of the body to the body through this point sticks (yellow area), and move the body sticks to the balls.

The red area is the area around the stem joints of the thumb is where adjacent rolled sticks. In a way, good grip, we should split your thumb right off the middle finger is a bit, at which point fingers to lightly onto the fuselage can contrast with thumb sticks like a crab. The red area is also where the movement of the entire right arm (the arm, forearm, wrist, hand) in both the backswing and the downswing. It is also where the right hand’s motion-motion allows the hand to move in a straight line throughout the backswing and the downswing. Before the introduction of the new first episode golfer, need a statue which was clearly moving right arm during the backswing and downswing. I will start with the backswing before I comment on the downswing.

A. Backswing

Note the right arm. The following factors are applied to the right arm of the player when in position on the ball. The right shoulder is lower than the left shoulder. The right wrist of the player folded a little behind. The right elbow of the player is kept near his right hip area. The arms are slightly bent at the elbow, the front right elbow forward-this position allows the elbow to fold easily in the backswing, so the elbows must be kept near the right side of the body during the backswing.

Note what happens to the player’s right hand in the early stages of the backswing. You should keep the speed of folding the right wrist, and put the right arm is straight backwards, allowing the fuselage sticks move in straight lines and nearly parallel to the plane of the elbow. Note that his right elbow began to curve a little bit in the middle of a backswing and this is what causes the head sticks up above the vertical migration.

B. Downswing

Note that the player start downswing with a definitive movements of the hips to help pull the arm, right elbow on the right side of the body. Note that at a time when both hands move to the waist, then the arm must be closed with the right elbow and is also close to the right hip. Note that the elbow must still maintain the 90- degree angulation, and the wrist is still folded after 90 degrees.

When the hand moves down under the waist, elbow ball begin to stretch a part and the wrist must also begin to stretch. A new golfer should practice the movements of right arm when making downswing without holding sticks, so he can get the feel for the moving of the right hand. And the golfer will have a feel for the apparent movement.

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