This feature story is more than just words on paper, more than just advice on game improvement and more than just a one-time story. This story is a way of life, a revolution that has swept the nation over the course of one short year by way of DVDs, books and Oprah’s blessing, and unless you have been in a cave for the last year, I am sure that everyone at some point or another has seen, read or watched THE SECRET. The book, the movie, the audio, that has changed millions of lives all over the world with the teachings of the LAW OF ATTRACTION. So, you ask, what is new about this now and how does it apply to my golf game? Allow me to introduce you to the next frontier in golf, THE SECRET TO YOUR BEST GOLF. Golf Fitness Magazine, in conjunction with Bob Proctor, Ted Purdy, and the Brad Brewer Golf Academy are committed to providing you with as much guidance as you desire in applying THE LAW OF ATTRACTION TO PLAYING YOUR BEST GOLF! Still not sure, asking yourself what does this have to do with your golf fitness routine? Hang onto your driver, sit back, enjoy the story as it unfolds and then get ready for an explosion that is going to take the golfing world by storm as well as improve your game forever!


To some, not a minute goes by in which they are not consciously aware of the power of their thoughts. These people know that everything that has come into their lives, they have attracted by virtue of the images they hold in their mind. When they visualize success, success comes, when they visualize defeat, defeat comes these people hold the key to life’s riches by way of their mind.

Let me give you a simple example to demonstrate the theory of the positive role of the Law of Attraction: You have declared this to be your best golf season ever. You have maintained your off-season work-out, purchased some new equipment at the recommendation of your instructor, are decked out in the latest fit-tec fashion and you have subscribed to Jones NY in order to improve your game. This magazine in turn, is published by a group of passionate people that are devoted to your game improvement, sharing with you the knowledge of some of the best instructors, trainers, coaches and mind experts in the golfing world. They believe in their publication and they believe that by reading it, even if just minor adjustments are made to your game, you will improve your rounds and ultimately lower your scores. Because of your desire and awareness that you can improve your game–your game improves, thus the positive Law of Attraction.

Now, on the flip side, let’s examine what happens when negative thoughts interfere with the Law of Attraction. As spring break comes knocking on our door, you decide to plan an all-golf weekend getaway. You have planned out every detail of the weekend and plan on playing 72 holes if not more! You are looking so forward to the time away and the warm weather as you head south. Then, as you begin packing your clubs, uninvited thoughts begin to swirl around in your mind. Thoughts such as: I hope I don’t get snowed in during my lay-over, sure hope that I don’t get the flu the kids had last week, what if my clubs get lost? Hope my assistant can handle my big accounts while I am gone … all in all, these thoughts begin to take over your mind and low and behold, you find yourself stuck in an airport, feeling feverish, finally getting to your destination without your clubs to awake to an extremely angry client call, this my friend is the negative Law of Attraction working overtime.

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION TO PLAYING YOUR BEST GOLF! is a way in which to teach yourself how to overcome the negative thoughts on the course, visualize and play your BEST GOLF. The beauty to this however is that by applying this technique to your golf game, you in turn, will see the results and will want to apply it to your life.

Meet Ted Purdy, the all-American, PGA pro, who in 2005, won the EDS Byron Nelson Championship and was also inducted into the University of Arizona’s Sports Hall of Fame. Since 2005 though, Purdy has not had any major wins on the PGA tour.

Meet Bob Proctor, who for 40 years has focused his entire agenda around helping thousands of people create lush lives of prosperity, rewarding relationships and spiritual awareness. He travels the world teaching people how to believe in and act upon the greatness of their own mind. He is most notably recognized as one of the living masters and teachers of the Law of Attraction and is featured throughout the internationally acclaimed DVD “The SECRET”, based on the international best-selling book “THE SECRET.”

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