Oiling Steps For a New Baseball Glove

Buying baseball equipment – especially gloves could be very difficult due to some investments putting into those products to make sure it is the most suitable one for you. Apart from buying, the ways to break in or maintain the glove’s condition are not easy at all. You have to do many things so as to make them better, at least from the material. Among those essential works, oiling and conditioning the baseball glove seems to be one of the most complicated one. You need some certain skills to deal with many difficulties and do things right. In this article, I will concentrate on baseball glove oil and how to use it for your glove.

1 How to oil the baseball glove?

  • Select the most suitable type of oil

Most of the baseball gloves are made from leather. That’s why you have to choose products that support for this type of material including glove oil. In fact, there are too many types of baseball glove oil; they are different from each other in many aspects: ingredients, functions and prices. In addition, not every type of oil can be used for any type of leather so that you have to put it first in your list of consideration. Fortunately, this problem is already solved for you by the manufacturers. You just have to look for the recommendations of oil types that are suitable with the product. The common ones can be bought easily from sport equipment stores.

Oiling Steps For A New Baseball Glove 1

For other suggestions, I often use some common types of oil or liquid mostly for glove break in including shaving cream, baby oil or saddle soap. They have some similar chemicals with the oil so you can use them as the replacement in some situations.

  • Apply the oil

Some people often use a large amount of oil into the glove, but it’s not the right way to do the work. You should do it slowly and gently with a little amount of oil at a time in each certain area. You can begin with the pocket area – the easiest and most important one in your glove. It is used as the main area to catch the ball so you should take care of it carefully. Rub the oil evenly so as to create a thin coating on the surface.

If you don’t want your hand to be covered with oil, you can use some soft, clean materials like cloth or sponge instead. Make sure that the amount of oil is distributed evenly.

  • Dry the baseball glove

After oiling the whole glove, you should leave the glove at dry place for at least 1 night before using for the first time. This will help the oil to soak into the leather perfectly. Check out the condition of the glove in the morning and make sure that it is clean and dry enough. If it isn’t, use the dryer to finish the step quicker.

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  • Pocket forming for first use

Breaking in the glove is not a task of challenge, but it would take you a large amount of time. There are some common methods for this stage but in my opinion, the best way is the traditional one: playing catch.

The purpose of playing catch is to form the pocket for the glove so as to reshape it for the most suitable hand shape for catching. However, this method takes at least several days to complete.

The other way is less time consuming. You don’t have to play catch, you just need some tricks. Put a baseball or a softball according to what you are playing in the pocket of your new glove, then tie the glove up to form the right shape. Repeat this every night for at least 2 weeks. If necessary, you can use a hammer to make the shape better.

2 Some common questions about oiling.

– Can I use olive oil for the baseball glove break in?

Obviously you can! Olive oil is considered one of the most common oil types to use for leather. Just make sure that you follow the oiling stages carefully so as to avoid any damages to the leather.

– Any cautions when using baseball glove oil?

You should not use excessive amount of oil. It gives no better effect for your oiling process, just a waste of oil. In fact, too much oil might have some bad influences to your glove.

Another thing is that you have to stay away from the microwave. The heat of that kitchen appliance will melt the leather and cause severe damage.

Oiling Steps For a New Baseball Glove 3

3 Conclusion

So these are the basic and essential knowledge about using baseball glove oil and some suggestions about glove break in. I hope that the article will help you to enhance the quality of your baseball glove before using in real matches.

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