During the 2007 Players Championship, I was renting a house and one morning walked out to get the paper, someone had left the movie “THE SECRET” outside my front door. I have no idea who it was, but I took it inside and watched it and loved the message. I worked on applying the information in the DVD to my golf game and I had a great tournament. I did not think much of it after that week, until I started struggling late in the year. One day, my wife told me to rewatch “THE SECRET” before I left for New York to play in the first FED EX CUP event. The next day, I walked onto the flight to New York, to head for the tournament and Bob Proctor was sitting next to me! I recognized him immediately and asked him to autograph my copy of “The Secret.”

I missed the cut in New York and Bob called me on my cell phone and invited me to spend the weekend with him at his home in Toronto. I jumped at the opportunity with the blessing of my wife; Bob started teaching me about the MIND. Clearly, this was not just a coincidence; this was the Law of Attraction working.

Mind & Spirit

As I started to study the mind and work with Bob, I learned of the enormous effect that my mind has had on my golf performance as a young man, I had to think back on the great coaching and great books that were a part of my training. In the past, I have had access to great ideas and information, but I never knew how to change my paradigms. I have learned that with the LAW OF ATTRACTION, that it is my responsibility to do the work. It does take a dedicated, concentrated effort to change the mind. When I focus on winning on the PGA Tour, I won. When I focused on losing my card, I lost my card. I am learning that I have the power to choose what I think about and therefore I attract my results. You will know where my mind is, by the results I am producing. This applies to everyone and everything.

A perfect example of just how strong the positive Law of Attraction is happened to me about a month ago when I was playing in the FBR Phoenix tournament. In the past, my mental state and level of play has not been where it should be, and as a result of that, I had zapped the positive energy from my family and friends when they would follow me in a tournament. During the last six holes of this tournament, I shifted my intensity level and hit it close to the hole on the 12th-but my gallery of friends and family didn’t even clap, due to their past experiences with me during tournament play. I knew I needed to pick it up, and I was the focus of their thoughts and their energy, and MY MIND had them in the dumps. Bob is training me to be aware and honest of my present situation and I was able to shift my intensity. I birdied 13, my galleries energy grew, I birdied 15 and there was a greater pick up of energy.

I hit the famous FBR OPEN 16th hole, and I was filled with the positive energy of 20,000 crazed golf fans. I birdied 17 and my gallery was screaming. I hit 3 perfect shots on 18 for birdie to make the cut on the number. I noticed for the first time how Tiger and Phil draw from their crowds. Tiger and Phil are able to tap into the energy of their galleries and the universe. They have even developed the ability to shift energy at will. I attracted my performance both bad and good. When I shifted my mind, my performance shifted. The Law of Attraction gives me exactly what I think about.

The Body:

Meet Tyler Kirkendoll, Ted Purdy’s fitness trainer. Tyler knows firsthand what positive energy is, he feels that his work with Ted has been a boost of positive energy that flows over into a number of other areas in his life. And Tyler knows that the key to overall golf fitness has as much to do with your mind, as it has to do with your time in the gym.


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