Things to Note When Playing Golf

Playing golf has long become a sport for the elite. But now it has also become very popular and there are many who can play this sport. However, whether you are equipped with the most modern equipment as best golf rangefinder or have the basic knowledge about the rules of the game of golf, you will also have a number of basic errors. In this article, we will help you find more a few things to pay attention to golf.

1/ The First Thing You Need to Pay Attention

When playing golf, you are required to hit the ball in any location of the ball, although your ball are in good position or bad, unless the law allows you to move objects around the obstruction.

– Rules of the game golf also allows you to move items if your golf ball collided with the things. Sometimes you can move the ball without worry will be penalized, for example artificial objects such as the road, or ground conditions such as rain and ground water basin is being repaired. In addition, you can be fined if you want to move the ball, like when your ball falls into the water.

– You can move an object is not fixed as stones, leaves and tree branches to fall … In addition to natural objects not fixed are hindering your golf ball in the same place. When you move that object and make the ball move, the ball needs to be reset to the old location and you will be penalized 1 sticks.

2/ The Second Thing You Need to Pay Attention

– Ball support or affected when polished. If the balls for that support or impede for hitting a ball, you can move your ball or any of the other balls if you think the ball that can support for other players, or can move any other balls that you can do to hinder you when hitting the ball. You are not putting the ball back at its old location aims to support for other golfers.

– Fixed objects such as scraping the sand, plastic bottles … in any location can move them without penalty. If your ball be moved due to the move, the ball needs to be reset to the old location and you will not be penalized.

– If your ball lies in or on the body are not fixed, the ball can be picked up and moved the body out and put the ball not penalised in the projection point straight down to the ground from the position of the ball is located on the artificial animals before. If you are on the green, the ball is placed instead of the drop shadow, in the slideshow above.

3/ One More Thing You Need to Pay Attention

– For fixed objects as the objects located on the golf course could not move or not move immediately as the columns are placed signs fixed to the ground. The object used to specify the boundary is not considered artificial animals.

– In addition to the shiny case lies in traps, freed no penalty from the artificial animals fixed and ground conditions are allowed when fixed objects physical impact with the ball or standing and your swing. You can pick up the ball and drop within 1 sticks from the nearest rescue point, but not closer than the flag than the nearest rescue point. If the ball lies on the putting green, it will be placed in the nearest rescue point.

– You will not be freed from fixed man-made objects located on the guest-oriented, unless both the ball and the artificial objects that are on the green. You have added an extra option when the ball is in the sand traps, you can get the ball to avoid fixed objects or unusual conditions by dropping the ball outside and behind the sand traps and be fined 1 sticks.

– If your ball is dropped into water traps, you can hit the ball in the ball lies, or suffer a fine 1 sticks and hit the ball at the point the ball is old before make the final blow. Drop the ball on after the water trap on line connection between the hole and the final score cut the boundary of the water trap.

– If your ball is in the red cone traps, you will have to add 2 extra options and be fined 1 stick, you are allowed to drop the ball within two bat not near the flag at the boundary of the water trap final cut before the ball into traps or symmetric point on the opposite side of the trap than last cut before the ball into the trap.

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