Turkey Hunting Tips for Beginners

Do you want to hunt turkeys by bow and arrow or rifle? If you select bow and arrow as a weapon. Let you click here to read top 10 compound bow reviews. There is the suiting to your demand for sure. Below are some turkey hunting tips for beginners:

  • Look for a mentor:

turkey hunt

Don’t hesitate to ask mentor as any veteran hunters like to share their hunting passion with others. The good method to start is to take their advice and perform without question. Even if luckily, you may be taken hunting or accompanied in the hunting place. With the first time getting a veteran hunter with you, allow you to concentrate on the hunting place whilst that more experienced person does the calling.

  • Begin your turkey hunt in the early morning:

In case you really would like to pack your first turkey in the hunting season, getting up early is a must-have. It is also possible to perform a turkey hunt in the mid-day, however, that isn’t an ideal option. Entering the hunting location before the sun rises is always the best. The key is that hunting turkey doesn’t suit to you, in case you would like to sleep in.

  • Learn how to use a turkey call:

turkey call

This is a must also, if you really want to have a successful turkey hunt. I always recommend the beginner hunters start with the box call because it is easy to utilize even can make the turkey swoon. With veteran turkey hunters, rather than utilize a box call, they know how to make calls. However, there are not any shame in utilizing a box call, if you haven’t been calling in turkey on your own yet

  • Study staying concealed :

Any hunters should learn how to stay concealed. You can learn this from veteran hunters. They preach concealment with pleasure but the most important thing for newbie is to take a notice. Concealment is not as simple as when you buy a few camos from the shop and wear them in the forest. But, you had better worry about you will keep you hidden in the forest. If you are intending to hunt turkey from a ground blind, you need to make sure wearing the correct amount of camo.

  • Point to why decoy is important:

Hunting turkey without a decoy is still ok but why I said decoy is important? That is what I will show you. In most cases, hunting turkey with a decoy will increase the opportunity of drawing in a tom or a jake. If you decoy a hen, you are able to make enough jealousy. This brings one or some male turkeys which come towards hunter like crazy. However, it is very important to note what kind of decoy you utilize as well as what difference it creates. For example, in case you utilize male turkey in place of female one, you probably have another different result.

  • How to select your target:

target turkey

With beginner hunters, how to opt for the correct target out of flock is another exciting thing they need to point to. In case you see one or two objects in range, perhaps you will panic 7 shoot praying that you can catch as little as one. Whether you are successful or not, to become a great turkey hunter, you have to know how to opt for the correct target out of a flock.

Hens are not limited in spring seasons. Moreover, with this species, it is very easy to pick out of the crowd as they are dull and small especially their heads are less pronounced than male ones. The heads of male turkeys are blue and bright red. Normally, the head is big and with adult Tom, there is an extra beard. Jakes – the Juvenile turkey owns a shorter beard that sticks out from the chest.

In most cases, you might want to hunt the most mature gobbler – the large Tom. Look at their tails to perform this successful. Feathers of a mature gobblers tail are around 8-12”. However, once push comes to shove, in comparison with empty-handed, the gobblers are always better. Thus, occasionally, you merely need to take a shot.

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